Explore Lapland uniquely with electric fatbike rental in Muonio!

The Efat 1000w electric fatbike with twist throttle is the perfect rental option for anyone looking to explore the scenic terrain of Muonio Lapland effortlessly. With its powerful 1000w motor, you can easily cover long distances without breaking a sweat. What is unique about this fatbike is the twist throttle that provides intuitive maneuvering, making it easy even for beginners to control and steer. The efat 1000w features big fat tires that ensure smooth rides even in snow, sand, or rocks, making it the perfect vehicle for outdoor excursions. You can easily rent this electric bike for a day or two and go on a thrilling adventure exploring the forests, hills, or lakes of Muonio Lapland. With efat 1000w, you can access some of the remote and picturesque areas of Lapland with ease, without worrying about getting tired or stuck.

Does it work in winter?

The EFAT 1000W fatbike is specifically designed to handle winter conditions with ease. The thick, wide tires of the fatbike provide excellent traction in snow, slush, and ice, while also absorbing bumps and uneven terrain. The 1000W motor provides plenty of power to climb hills and ride through deep snowdrifts. The bike’s sturdy aluminum frame and hydraulic disc brakes provide stability and control in slippery conditions, making it a safe and reliable winter transportation option. Additionally, the bike’s battery is designed to withstand cold temperatures, so riders can expect long battery life even in freezing conditions. Overall, the EFAT 1000W fatbike is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and fun way to explore in winter weather.

Where to go with a an e-fatbike in Muonio?

The bikes are located in Särkijärvi, which is between Muonio and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. This is an ideal location to start your e-fatbike adventure in Muonio. From here, you can go in any direction to find amazing places in nature. The National Park is only 15 km away so you can reach it easily with an e-fatbike.

Särkitunturi is also very close to us, and the way to reach the top of Särkitunturi and back is about 17km. The e-fatbike takes you to the top without breaking a sweat.

Olos is another fell that is only about 7 km from us, and you can find lots of different trails there.

We are happy to help you to plan a route for your.

If you would like us to deliver the e-fatbike to your desired location, this is also possible for an additional cost.

Electric fatbike rental

1 day
70 /Day
  • From 10-18
  • Helmet included
  • Delivery for additional cost

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