Where in Lapland is it?

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Close to Nature - Away From Tourist Areas

We are located about 60km to the north from Kittilä airport. Around us there are 3 villages which are Äkäslompolo (32km), Levi (46km) and Muonio (21km). We are located between these three villages next to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Where we are in Lapland there is no light pollution and no tourists. Just the pure nature and silence that surround us.

Central Location in the Middle of Nowhere


Finland is located in the Northern Europe. It is one of the northernmost countries in the world. Our neighbour countries are Sweden in the west, Russia in the east, Norway in the north and Estonia in the south. Finland is relatively big country but it is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Finlands population is only 5,5 million and the majority lives in the middle and southern parts.

Where is Lapland?

Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland. Most of it lies above the arctic circle. It is the largest region of Finland but only 3,4% of the population lives in Lapland. Some of the last wilderness areas in all of Europe can be found in Lapland. It is possible to walk for a week in the wilderness without seeing anyone else.


Muonio is a small municipality in the northern part of Lapland. There are only about 2000 inhabitants in Muonio. It is also a home for about 6000 reindeer. Muonio is located way above the arctic circle which means that in the winter the sun doesn’t rise for about one month and in the summer it doesn’t set for one month. Both of these times are magical times to be in Muonio. Distance to Kittilä airport is about 60km.

Muotkavaara is a village in Muonio close to the border of Kittilä. This is where your log cabin accommodation is and where we will start all our adventures. It is on a small hill surrounded by the beautiful nature and close to the biggest lake of the region called Jeris.

What is Around?

Muotkavaara is at a central location in the middle of nowhere. It is situated between three towns which are Äkäslompolo (32km), Levi (46km) and Muonio (21km). Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is right next to us.

Walking distance:

The Lake

Lake Jeris is the biggest lake in Fell Lapland. We are located very close to the shore of the lake and in winter it is covered with a thick layer of ice that makes it possible to walk on top of it. Great place to watch the northern lights! You can reach it easily by walking along the street from your cabin

The Forest

There is a big forest around us. We maintain a snowshoeing track in the forest. You will need snowshoes to go explore. If you prefer to make your own paths you are free to do so. If you get lost you can find your way back by following your own steps. The forest is an amazing place to explore and experience the complete silence that a few people have ever experienced.

The Swamp

We are located on a small hill and just down the hill is our swamp. It is frozen during the winter but there is a lot of snow on top so take snowshoes with you. The swamp is a great place to see the northern lights. In spring our cross-country skiing track is also located on the swamp.

Cross-country skiing track

During the spring we maintain a private cross-country skiing track on the frozen swamp very close you your cabin. If you are interested in trying cross-country skiing you can borrow equipment from us and try the Finnish national winter sport. 

The Laavu

Very close to your cabin you can find our Laavu. It is a traditional Finnish lean-to with amazing views to the North where on a clear day you can see the amazing Pallas fells and during the night it is great for watching the northern lights. For your comfort there are reindeer skins to sit on and a fireplace where you can make a fire to warm up and experience the magical landscape.

By car:



Muonio is a very small village that is 21km from us. You can find small souvenir shops, grocery stores and a liquor store from Muonio. The Muonio river which is the largest free flowing river in Europe flows next to the village. The river makes the border between Finland and Sweden. You can cross the river through a brigde to go to Sweden. 

Grocery stores

Closest grocery stores are in Muonio. 

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is probably the most beautiful place in Finland. It is the oldest of the national parks in Finland and also the most scenic one. The World Health Organization measured in 2016 that here you breathe the cleanest air in the whole world. Some of our activities take place in the national park where you can fill your lungs with the clean pure air and enjoy some of the best views that Finland has to offer.


Also known as the village of seven fells. Äkäslompolo is a beautiful and peaceful village in the heart of Lapland. There is a skiing center and it is very popular among Finns during the skiing holidays in spring. Äkäslompolo is located 32km from us and is easily reached by car. There are also lots of small restaurants.


Levi is the main tourist center in Fell Lapland. It is very busy during the winter and you can find lots of services there. There are lots of restaurants and hotels and the biggest skiing center in Finland. If you want a good ice hotel experience Levi is the place to go to. Snow Village opens its doors every winter with amazing ice sculptures and hotel rooms and restaurants made from ice and snow. Levi is also a great place to buy souvenirs. Levi is easily reached by car and its 46km from us.


The closest airport is Kittilä airport. It is about 60km away.