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Family-Friendly Activities in Lapland

Embrace the Magic of a Winter Wonderland

Imagine a place where the snow glistens under the celestial glow of the Northern Lights, where the silence of the wilderness is as profound as the laughter of children. This is the enchanting realm of Lapland, a destination where families can create memories that last a lifetime. At Wildmaker Lapland, we specialize in crafting experiences that capture the heart of this Arctic paradise, ensuring that every moment spent here is filled with joy and wonder.

From the moment you step into your authentic Finnish log cabin, the adventure begins. With the wilderness at your doorstep, you can strap on snowshoes to explore the magical forests, or simply admire the clear night sky, unspoiled by light pollution. The cozy warmth of your cabin’s fireplace and the soothing heat of the sauna offer the perfect end to a day of exploration, providing a serene retreat amidst the frosty landscape.

Discover the Serenity of Luxury Ice Fishing

For those seeking tranquility coupled with a touch of adventure, our Luxury Ice Fishing experience is a must. It’s not just about the catch; it’s about immersing yourself in the stillness of nature, surrounded by the vast expanse of a frozen lake. With over 60 centimeters of ice beneath you, the thrill of drilling through to the water below is an exercise in patience and anticipation. And when you do make that catch, the taste of fresh fish, cooked over an open flame, is unparalleled.

We elevate this traditional Finnish pastime by transporting you to the finest fishing spots via snowmobile, providing a spacious and warm ice fishing tent equipped with a wood-burning stove. Whether inside the tent or out on the ice, the experience is comfortable and enjoyable, even in the midst of a snowstorm. This is ice fishing at its most luxurious, and it’s an activity that can be savored by all ages.

Meet the Gentle Giants at the Reindeer Farm

Step into the world of the Sami people and their majestic herds at a local reindeer farm. Here, you’ll be greeted by the gentle gaze of these iconic creatures and the friendly faces of the herders who care for them. Learn about the intricacies of reindeer husbandry, the cycle of the seasons, and the deep connection between the Sami culture and these animals. It’s an educational and heartwarming experience that brings you closer to the soul of Lapland.

After your tour, gather around a crackling campfire to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and share stories with the herders. This immersive visit is a gentle adventure that requires no physical exertion, making it perfect for family members of all ages and abilities. Don’t forget to capture the moment with photographs that will remind you of the serene beauty of the reindeer and the people who walk alongside them.

Conquer the Snowy Peaks with Wilderness Snowshoeing

When the snow blankets the ground in a thick, white layer, ordinary shoes simply won’t do. That’s where snowshoeing comes into play, allowing you to traverse the winter landscape with ease. We invite you to join us on an expedition to Pallas-Yll√§stunturi National Park, where you’ll learn the art of snowshoeing and embark on a journey into the heart of the Lappish wilderness.

The National Park, once towering like the Alps, now offers mystical fells and breathtaking vistas. As you ascend above the tree line, the panoramic views unfold before you, a testament to the ancient beauty of this land. For those who prefer to stay grounded, the warmth of a hut and an open fire awaits, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience at their own pace. This adventure, while requiring some physical effort, is an unforgettable way to connect with nature and the rich culture of the area.

Chase the Aurora Borealis on a Northern Lights Evening

The dance of the Northern Lights across the Arctic sky is a spectacle that many dream of witnessing. With Wildmaker Lapland, this dream can become a vivid reality. Our location, far from the glare of city lights, offers an exceptional vantage point for observing this natural wonder. On a clear night, the aurora often makes an appearance, casting its ethereal glow for all to see.

During your stay, we’ll teach you how to predict the Northern Lights and choose the optimal evening for viewing. As we gather around a bonfire, indulging in Finnish pancakes and tales of the night sky, the anticipation builds. If fortune smiles upon us, the aurora will emerge, its colors weaving through the stars. For those with a passion for photography, we’ll share tips on capturing the Northern Lights with your camera, ensuring you take home more than just memories.

Embark on a Private Husky Safari

The thrill of gliding through the snow, led by a team of eager huskies, is an experience that embodies the spirit of the Arctic. At Wildmaker Lapland, part of the Winter Week Experience we offer a private husky safari that allows you to connect with these incredible animals on a personal level. You’ll learn to drive the sled, feeling the rush of the cold air and the joyous barks of the dogs as they race across the landscape.

This intimate safari ensures that you have the undivided attention of your guide and the freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether you’re taking the reins or enjoying the ride as a passenger, the connection with the huskies and the pristine nature around you is unparalleled. After the journey, warm up by the fire, share a meal, and reflect on the magic of the day. This is more than just an activity; it’s an adventure that will stay with you forever.

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