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Escape to Lapland: Winter Week Adventure

Discover the Magic of the Arctic Wilderness

Embark on a journey to the heart of the Arctic, where the air is crisp, the snow is pristine, and the silence of the wilderness is profound. In the enchanting realm of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, we invite you to strap on snowshoes and traverse the ancient fells that once rivaled the Alps in grandeur. Our guided wilderness snowshoeing adventure offers not just a trek through the snow but an immersive experience in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this mystical region.

As you ascend the fells, the panoramic views unfold before you, offering a breathtaking perspective of Lapland’s winter wonderland. For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the warmth of a cozy hut and an open fire awaits, ensuring that every member of your group can enjoy the experience at their comfort level. This half-day excursion is a blend of physical activity and serene appreciation of the Arctic’s untouched landscapes.

Authentic Log Cabin Living

Imagine a home away from home where the crackle of a fireplace and the warmth of a traditional Finnish sauna await after a day of exploration. Our authentic log cabin accommodation is designed to provide you with the quintessential Lapland experience. Nestled in the heart of nature, the cabin is a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility, complete with all the amenities you need to unwind and reconnect with your loved ones.

Step outside, and you’re immediately enveloped by the magic of the Arctic. Snowshoe through the enchanting forests, glide over frozen lakes, and if the skies are clear, witness the awe-inspiring northern lights right from your doorstep. With no light pollution to obscure your view, the night sky in Lapland is a celestial spectacle unlike any other.

Luxury Ice Fishing: A Finnish Tradition With an Elevated Twist

Ice fishing is more than just a pastime in Finland; it’s a window into the soul of the Finnish people. With us, you’ll experience the serenity of sitting on a frozen lake, surrounded by the silence of the Arctic, as you wait for a catch. Our luxury ice fishing adventure elevates this traditional activity to new heights, providing you with the best spots, a cozy ice fishing tent, and the thrill of snowmobile travel to your destination.

Inside the tent, a wood-burning stove keeps the chill at bay, allowing you to fish in comfort regardless of the weather outside. This meditative experience is not only about the catch but also about embracing the stillness and beauty of Lapland’s winter landscape. And when you do reel in a fish, the taste of your fresh catch, cooked over an open fire, is an unforgettable delight.

Meet the Arctic’s Gentle Giants

Our visit to a local reindeer farm offers a unique opportunity to step into the world of reindeer herding, an integral part of Lapland’s culture. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, you’ll learn about the life of these majestic creatures and the traditions that have shaped reindeer husbandry over the centuries. This experience is a gentle encounter, suitable for all ages and requiring no strenuous activity.

As you feed and interact with the reindeer, you’ll gain insight into their importance to the local community. The herder will share stories of the herding year, and you’ll have the chance to capture these moments with your camera. Afterward, gather around a campfire for a warm cup of coffee and further conversation about this fascinating aspect of Arctic life.

Private Husky Safari: An Unforgettable Journey

Feel the exhilaration of gliding through the snow-covered wilderness on a private husky safari, where a team of eager huskies leads the way. The bond between the dogs and the snowy landscape is palpable, and as you take the reins of your own sled, you’ll be swept up in the magic of this ancient mode of travel. Our private safari ensures a personalized experience, free from the distractions of larger groups, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure.

With one person driving and the other enjoying the ride, you’ll switch roles halfway to fully experience the thrill of mushing. After the safari, there’s time to meet the huskies up close and capture memories with these friendly and hardworking animals. A cozy fire and a hearty lunch provide the perfect end to this enchanting excursion.

Chasing the Northern Lights

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a natural wonder that many dream of witnessing. Our location, far from the city lights and deep within the Arctic Circle, offers one of the best stages for this celestial dance. Upon your arrival, we’ll share tips on predicting the northern lights, choosing the optimal evening for your viewing experience. As you gather around a bonfire, savoring Finnish pancakes and absorbing the lore of the night sky, the anticipation builds.

If the conditions align and the aurora graces us with its presence, you’ll be treated to a display of shimmering colors against the backdrop of a star-filled sky. For photography enthusiasts, we offer guidance on capturing the northern lights with your DSLR camera, ensuring you take home not just memories but stunning visual keepsakes of this extraordinary phenomenon.

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