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If you adore beautiful scenery and true peace and quiet, you will love Lapland. When you book a holiday in Lapland with us at Wildmaker, you will experience this stunningly preserved part of the world with a Lapland tour guide who will make you feel at home in this brand-new place.
On this page, you’ll learn a little about Lapland’s history, things to do here, and why you could have a life-changing experience in this unbelievable place. We want you to love Lapland as much as we do, and we’ll strive to give you an entirely authentic experience in nature that will transform how you see the world.
If you want to learn more about the packages we offer at Wildmaker, contact us today for more information on the trip of a lifetime!

Where Is Lapland, And Where Can You Find Wildmaker Lapland?

Lapland is situated in the northernmost region of Finland, above the Arctic circle. It is a patch of land commonly known among children as the home of Father Christmas – but for adults, it holds even more incredible gifts than those made by Santa’s elves! The frozen landscape, beautiful wildlife, and breathtaking natural beauty is enough to hold anyone’s attention captive.
Unlike many other more touristy areas, Wildmaker Lapland is based between three remote villages: Äkäslompolo, Levi, and Muonio. We are situated adjacent to the stunning Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, around 60km from the nearest airport.
Due to our remote location, when you visit us at Wildmaker, you won’t find any pollution or other tourists. That’s why we offer only the most authentic experience to our visitors: if you want to get away from the crowds and out into the silence of one of the most remote areas of the world, a Lapland private holiday is for you.

Things To Do In Lapland


Let’s take a look at the things you can explore in Lapland. No matter your age, fitness level, abilities, or comfort levels in remote areas, we’ve got something you’ll love.

Let’s take a look at the most prized treasures that this incredible place has to offer!

1. Husky Tours


One of the most popular staples of Lapland living is the beautiful, majestic, and loyal Husky. Huskies are owned as pets all over the world, but they are in their natural habitat here in Lapland. If you come for a holiday in Lapland, you’ve got to spend time with these beautiful dogs – it’s a rite of passage!
In ancient populations, and still today in some parts of Lapland and the Arctic Circle, huskies aren’t just pets – they are working dogs. Huskies, who are visibly descended from wild wolves, pull heavy sled loads full of produce and people, and are a viable mode of transport on the remote, snowy terrain.
On our Private Husky Safari, you can experience husky sledding at its most authentic. Ride on the back of a husky-pulled sled and witness these stunning dogs working in their element.

2. See the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights is one of the modern wonders of the world, and it occurs naturally here in Lapland. You will have seen breathtaking images of the Northern Lights online, and you might have thought, ‘It can’t be that good in real life!’ Believe us, it is.
When you stay in a log cabin in Lapland, you can see the Northern Lights flash beautifully across the night’s sky. The greens, blues, and purples come together to create a tear-jerking spectacle that will leave you marveling at the great mysteries of the universe.

3. Visit Local Villages


The indigenous populations around Lapland preserve their traditions very carefully, and we have built long-standing relationships with members of local communities in the surrounding villages. With one of our experienced Lapland tour guides, you can visit local villages and learn about the ways of life that local people have established throughout the preceding generations.

4. Go Ice Fishing


If you love going fishing at home, ice fishing will knock your socks off! Ice fishing is an ancient tradition that was established by indigenous people who used it to survive.
The careful techniques and skills of ice fishing take years to master, but you can have a taste of this amazing cultural practice with one of our experienced guides.

Why Visit Lapland?


If you…

● Want to experience nature at its most remote and peaceful;

● Love beautiful picturesque landscapes;

● Want a winter getaway you’ll never forget;

● Want to get away from tourism, crowds, and gimmicks;

● Need a break from the stresses of everyday life;

● Love stargazing and sleeping in Lapland log cabins…

… or all of the above, you will love visiting Lapland. Whether you come as a couple, a group of friends, or as a family with children, the treasures of Lapland are yours to enjoy through the eyes of one of our passionate guides.

When To Visit Lapland


Lapland is one of the world’s best holiday destinations because you can visit any time of year and still have a wonderful experience. If you want a classic snow-covered Lapland experience, you will need to visit between December and April; if you want to see what’s underneath the glistening white winter snow, come during the summer to witness the stunning brightness.
When you take a Lapland private holiday with us, we’ll adapt your schedule to suit the season. Our Winter Week Experiences run between December and April, whereas some other tours we offer can be done year-round.

Visit Lapland With Wildmaker Lapland

For an exclusive, Lapland private holiday that you’ll remember forever, contact us today. One of our team will reply to your inquiry and try to find the best date for the activities you’d like to complete with us.

Stay in one of our stunning Lapland log cabins and watch the Northern Lights with a professional guide; meet beautiful huskies and experience their sled-pulling firsthand; go snowshoeing across a wilderness that looks like something out of a storybook. You can do it all here in Lapland – come on, we’re waiting for you!

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