Explore Lapland: Winter Adventure Tour

Embark on a Winter Week Experience in the Heart of Lapland

In the enchanting realm of Lapland, where the winter’s embrace transforms the landscape into a serene snowy paradise, Wildmaker Lapland invites you to a bespoke holiday experience. Our Winter Week Experience is meticulously crafted to immerse you in the authentic charm of this Arctic wonderland, far removed from the crowded tourist trails. As the snowflakes gently settle on the coniferous forests and undulating hills, we offer an intimate journey into the heart of Lapland’s natural splendor.

Our dedication to eco-conscious travel is unwavering, ensuring that your Arctic adventure is not only profoundly impactful for you but also honors the fragile beauty of this northern sanctuary. With the prestigious Good Travel Seal and Sustainable Travel Finland Certificate, we pledge an environmentally responsible exploration of Lapland’s snow-draped terrains.

Experience the Tranquility of the Arctic Wilderness

Envision emerging from a traditional log cabin into a silent world where the whispers of the wind and the rustling of the trees are the only sounds. Our accommodations, nestled in the secluded village of Muotkavaara, serve as your tranquil haven for Arctic exploration. The untouched expanse of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park beckons with its awe-inspiring vistas, while the serene Jerisjärvi, the region’s largest lake, lies in close proximity, inviting you to its peaceful shores.

We are firm believers that the Arctic’s grandeur is best savored in small, intimate groups, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world and ensuring that your experiences in the wilderness remain genuine and unforgettable. Whether you choose a private excursion or enjoy the fellowship of shared experiences, we tailor our offerings to suit your unique adventure preferences.

Behold the Northern Lights in Their Mystical Splendor

Among the most breathtaking sights in Lapland is the celestial ballet of the Aurora Borealis, painting the night sky with its luminous colors. Our strategic position, free from artificial light, provides unparalleled opportunities to observe this wondrous display. Against the dark Arctic sky, the vivid colors of the Northern Lights unfurl in a spectacle that promises to be the pinnacle of your winter escapade.

Our guided excursions are thoughtfully scheduled to enhance your chances of witnessing the Aurora’s mystical allure. As you stand enveloped in the stillness of the Arctic evening, cocooned in thermal attire, our expert guides will impart fascinating knowledge about this astronomical marvel, enriching your experience with both wonder and wisdom.

Delight in the Exhilaration of Arctic Activities

For the thrill-seekers, the pristine slopes of Lapland beckon with the promise of heart-pounding downhill skiing adventures. Catering to all levels of expertise, from novices to experts, the diverse landscape offers a challenge for everyone. We equip you with all the necessary gear, ensuring that you take to the slopes with confidence and panache.

Our proximity to celebrated ski resorts like Levi allows you to indulge in impeccably maintained trails and top-notch amenities. Following a day of slicing through the powdery snow, you can retreat to the warmth of your log cabin, bask in the glow of the fireplace, and recount the day’s exhilarating exploits.

Forge a Connection with Nature on a Snowshoe Adventure

If a serene exploration is more your pace, snowshoeing offers a spellbinding means to traverse the silent forests and glassy frozen lakes, fostering a profound bond with the landscape. This gentle activity is suitable for all ages and provides an intimate glimpse into the winter ecosystem of Lapland.

Our guided snowshoe treks take you deep into the national park’s heart, where you can spot wildlife traces and marvel at the delicate frostwork adorning the trees. It’s a deeply immersive experience that allows you to savor the quiet majesty of the Arctic in its most unadulterated state.

Relish the Local Gastronomy and Heartfelt Hospitality

No journey through Lapland is complete without savoring the region’s gastronomic offerings. Our tours include meals that feature the local culinary traditions, with dishes crafted from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Whether you’re enjoying a robust stew beside the hearth or sipping a steaming cup of berry juice after a snowy adventure, the flavors of Lapland will enchant your palate.

We take immense pride in our heartfelt hospitality, ensuring that every facet of your stay is cozy and delightful. From your arrival at Kittilä airport to the culmination of your Arctic journey, we are committed to creating a memorable experience that captures the essence of this winter utopia.

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