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Top Activities for Lapland Holidays

Embrace the Serenity of Luxury Ice Fishing

Imagine sitting on a pristine frozen lake, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Lapland’s wilderness, engaging in a pastime that connects you deeply with Finnish culture. Ice fishing is not just an activity; it’s a meditative experience that allows you to relax and enjoy nature’s silence. With Wildmaker Lapland, you can indulge in the luxury version of this traditional activity. We provide a comfortable ice fishing tent equipped with a wood-burning stove, ensuring warmth even during a snowstorm. Our expert guides will take you to the best fishing spots using a snowmobile, enhancing your chances of a bountiful catch. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a curious beginner, this luxury ice fishing experience is designed to be enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Our excursions last approximately 3-4 hours, giving you ample time to immerse yourself in the art of ice fishing. You’ll learn to use an ice drill and bait your hook, all while taking in the stunning landscape of Lapland. The fish you catch will be the freshest you’ve ever tasted, especially rewarding when you’ve caught it yourself. This activity is a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, offering a unique way to connect with the local environment and traditions.

Discover the Charm of Reindeer Herding

Step into the world of reindeer herding, a vital part of Lapland’s culture and history. At Wildmaker Lapland, we offer an authentic experience that brings you closer to these majestic creatures and the people who care for them. Join us for a visit to a local reindeer farm, where you’ll spend the day with a reindeer herder and an English-speaking guide. They will introduce you to modern reindeer husbandry, sharing insights into the annual cycle of care these animals receive. It’s a fascinating journey into a lifestyle that has been preserved for generations.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to feed the reindeer, take memorable photos, and engage in conversations about this unique form of animal husbandry. After the tour, we gather around a campfire to enjoy traditional coffee and continue our discussions about reindeer herding. This program is suitable for all ages and doesn’t require any physical exertion, making it an ideal family activity. It’s not just an excursion; it’s an educational and heartwarming experience that connects you with the soul of Lapland.

Explore Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park with Wilderness Snowshoeing

When the snow blankets the ground in Lapland, the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland that beckons the adventurous at heart. With Wildmaker Lapland, you can strap on a pair of snowshoes and venture into the untouched beauty of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Snowshoeing allows you to traverse the deep snow with ease, opening up a world of exploration that would otherwise be inaccessible. Our guided tours will lead you through this ancient mountain chain, revealing the mystical Pallas fells and their breathtaking vistas.

As part of the experience, we’ll prepare a hearty lunch in a cozy hut around an open fire, providing a warm respite from your adventure. Those who wish to ascend above the tree line will be rewarded with even more stunning views, while others can enjoy the warmth of the hut’s fire. This activity lasts approximately 4-5 hours and does require some physical effort, but the reward is an unforgettable journey through one of Lapland’s most scenic landscapes.

Cozy Up in a Traditional Log Cabin Accommodation

After a day filled with adventure, there’s nothing quite like returning to the comfort of a real Finnish log cabin. At Wildmaker Lapland, we ensure your stay is as authentic as it is cozy. Our cabins feature a sauna and a fireplace, creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind and reflect on the day’s experiences. With two bedrooms and additional sleeping arrangements in the living room, our cabins can accommodate your family or group with ease. The kitchen is fully equipped for you to prepare meals, adding to the homely feel of your stay.

The beauty of Lapland is right at your doorstep, with nature’s wonders waiting to be explored. Put on your snowshoes and set out to discover the magical forests, frozen lakes, and clear skies perfect for Northern Lights viewing. With minimal light pollution, the stars shine brightly, offering a celestial spectacle unlike any other. Our cabins are not only a place to stay; they’re a gateway to the authentic Lapland experience, complete with modern amenities like Wi-Fi to keep you connected.

Chase the Northern Lights and Capture the Moment

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a natural marvel that many dream of witnessing. With Wildmaker Lapland, your chances of seeing this ethereal display are significantly increased, thanks to our location far from the light pollution of more populated areas. Upon arrival, we’ll teach you how to predict the Northern Lights, choosing the best night for clear skies and optimal viewing conditions. As we gather around a bonfire, enjoying Finnish pancakes and the tranquility of the Lapland night, we’ll share stories and facts about the Northern Lights and the starry sky above.

For photography enthusiasts, we offer guidance on capturing the Northern Lights with a DSLR camera, ensuring you can take home stunning visual memories of the experience. While the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and their appearance cannot be guaranteed, our expertise and location provide you with the best possible opportunity to witness and photograph this incredible event. It’s an experience that combines learning, leisure, and the chance to see one of nature’s most spectacular shows.

Embark on a Private Husky Safari Adventure

Imagine gliding through the snow-covered landscapes of Lapland, led by a team of enthusiastic huskies. With Wildmaker Lapland, you can experience the thrill of a private husky safari, where the connection between human and dog is celebrated. You’ll be in charge of your own team, learning to drive the sled with guidance from our experienced mushers. The dogs are born to run, and their excitement is contagious, making for an exhilarating journey through the wilderness.

Our private husky safaris ensure a personalized and intimate experience, free from the delays that can occur with larger groups. You’ll have the chance to switch roles with a partner, experiencing both the driver’s and passenger’s perspectives. After the safari, you can meet and take photos with the dogs, creating lasting memories of your adventure. We’ll then gather by a fire to enjoy a warm lunch and reflect on the experience. This activity is about 2.5 hours long and offers a unique way to explore the beauty of Lapland with the companionship of these incredible animals.

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