Top Activities to Do in Lapland for Adventure Seekers

Embrace the Wilderness with Snowshoeing Adventures

Imagine stepping into a world blanketed in white, where the silence of the snow amplifies the beauty of nature. At Wildmaker Lapland, we invite you to experience the enchantment of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park through the age-old practice of snowshoeing. As you strap on your snowshoes, you’ll feel a sense of freedom to explore the untouched landscapes that stretch out before you.

Our guided tours will lead you into the heart of the wilderness, where the mystical Pallas fells stand as sentinels of the past. Here, you’ll ascend above the tree line, greeted by breathtaking vistas that once rivaled the mighty Alps. For those who prefer a gentler journey, the warmth of a cozy hut and an open fire awaits. Whether you’re scaling the fells or basking in the tranquility of the hut, the experience is rounded off with a hearty lunch prepared over a crackling fire, making for an unforgettable 4-5 hour adventure.

Luxury Ice Fishing: A Finnish Tradition Reimagined

At Wildmaker Lapland, we’ve elevated the serene pastime of ice fishing to new heights of comfort and excitement. Ice fishing is more than just a hobby; it’s a window into the soul of Finnish culture. With us, you’ll venture out onto the frozen lakes of Lapland, where the ice, thick and sturdy, becomes the foundation for an extraordinary experience.

Our ‘Luxury Ice Fishing’ isn’t just a name—it’s a promise. We transport you to the finest fishing spots via snowmobile, providing a spacious, heated tent that allows you to fish in blissful warmth, regardless of the weather outside. As you sit back and relax, surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Arctic, you’ll find that the fish you catch, fresh from the icy waters, offers a taste that’s simply unparalleled. This 3-4 hour activity is a peaceful retreat that combines the thrill of the catch with the luxury of comfort.

Discover the Heart of Reindeer Herding

Gain a unique insight into the life of a reindeer herder. At Wildmaker Lapland, we provide an intimate encounter with these majestic creatures, integral to the Arctic way of life. Our visit to a local reindeer farm is an educational and heartwarming experience that delves into the traditions and modern practices of reindeer husbandry.

Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, you’ll learn about the annual cycle of reindeer herding, feed the reindeer, and immerse yourself in stories of the herders’ lives. This activity is perfect for all ages and requires no physical exertion, making it an inclusive and enlightening experience. After the tour, gather around a campfire, sip on warm coffee, and continue to unravel the mysteries of reindeer herding through engaging conversations.

Chase the Northern Lights and Capture the Moment

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a spectacle of nature that many dream of witnessing. At Wildmaker Lapland, we’re situated in an ideal location, far from the glare of city lights, offering you an excellent chance to see this celestial dance. Our Northern Lights Evening is not just about observation; it’s about understanding and capturing the beauty of the Arctic night sky.

Upon your arrival, we’ll share tips on predicting the Northern Lights and select the most promising night for your adventure. As you gather around a bonfire, indulging in Finnish pancakes and absorbing tales of the night sky, you’ll be poised for the moment the auroras grace us with their presence. For photography enthusiasts, we’ll guide you on how to take stunning photos of the Northern Lights with your DSLR camera, ensuring you leave with memories beautifully preserved.

Private Husky Safari: A Journey Through the Arctic Wilderness

There’s a primal connection between humans and dogs that is reignited in the heart of the Arctic. At Wildmaker Lapland, we offer you the chance to forge this bond on a Private Husky Safari, where a team of eager huskies will lead you through the snow-covered forests and across the frozen swamps. The thrill of gliding through the wilderness, powered by these spirited animals, is an experience that speaks to the adventurer in all of us.

With your own team of huskies, you’ll learn the art of mushing from our expert guides. Sharing a sled with a partner, you’ll take turns driving and enjoying the ride, ensuring a full and active participation in this ancient practice. After the safari, warm up by the fire, meet some of the friendly dogs, and savor a delicious lunch. This exclusive 2.5-hour journey, limited to your group alone, promises a more intimate and high-quality adventure than you’ll find anywhere else.

Log Cabin Accommodation: Your Cozy Arctic Retreat

After a day filled with adventure, there’s nothing quite like returning to the comfort of a traditional Finnish log cabin. At Wildmaker Lapland, we ensure your stay is as authentic as it is cozy. Our cabins, complete with saunas and fireplaces, are the epitome of Finnish charm and provide the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection.

Step outside and you’re immediately enveloped by the magic of the Arctic wilderness. With snowshoes at your doorstep, explore the enchanting forests, frozen lakes, and swamps under the clear, starry sky. And if the Northern Lights decide to make an appearance, you won’t have to venture far—the spectacle is visible right from your cabin. With modern amenities like Wi-Fi, you can stay connected while being surrounded by nature’s tranquility.

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