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Winter Wonderland: Lapland Holiday Adventures

Embrace the Magic of the Arctic Wilderness

Imagine stepping into a world where the snow sparkles like a sea of diamonds under the Arctic sun, where the silence of the wilderness is as profound as the beauty that surrounds you. This is the enchanting reality of a holiday in Lapland, a place where winter is not just a season, but a canvas for adventure and wonder.

With us at Wildmaker Lapland, your journey into the heart of the Arctic begins with an exhilarating snowshoeing experience. As you strap on your snowshoes, you’ll feel a sense of freedom to explore the untouched landscapes of Pallas-Yll√§stunturi National Park. The ancient fells, remnants of towering mountains, now offer mystical views and an opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. Our guided trek will lead you to a cozy hut where a crackling fire awaits, perfect for warming up and enjoying a hearty lunch before ascending further to witness the awe-inspiring vistas.

Luxury Amidst the Lappish Serenity

After a day of exploration, retreat to the comfort of your very own Finnish log cabin. Our accommodations are designed to blend rustic charm with modern amenities, ensuring a stay that is both authentic and luxurious. The warmth of a traditional sauna awaits to soothe your muscles, and if you’re feeling adventurous, a roll in the snow outside is a quintessentially Finnish way to cool down. As night falls, the lack of light pollution transforms the sky into a celestial theater, with the Northern Lights often making a breathtaking appearance right outside your doorstep.

Our cabins are not just a place to rest but a gateway to further discovery. Step outside and you’re immediately immersed in the magic of the Lappish wilderness. Snowshoes at the ready, you can traverse the enchanting forests, frozen lakes, and swamps that begin where your cabin ends. And with Wi-Fi available, you can share your experiences with loved ones back home in real-time, though we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to keep this winter wonderland all to yourself.

The Quintessential Finnish Experience: Luxury Ice Fishing

What could be more Finnish than sitting on a serene, frozen lake, surrounded by the silence of snow-covered landscapes, waiting for a catch? Ice fishing is an activity deeply ingrained in Finnish culture, offering a peaceful escape and a chance to truly unwind. With us, ice fishing is elevated to a luxurious experience. We transport you to the best spots via snowmobile, provide a spacious tent with a wood-burning stove for warmth, and ensure that even in a snowstorm, you can enjoy this meditative pastime in comfort.

As you drill through the thick ice and set up your rod, you’ll find yourself immersed in the simplicity and beauty of the Arctic environment. The thrill of catching your own fish, which tastes all the better for being self-caught in the pristine waters of Lapland, is an experience you’ll treasure. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, our luxury ice fishing adventure is designed to be a highlight of your Lapland holiday.

Meet the Gentle Giants of the North

Visiting a local reindeer farm offers a unique glimpse into age-old traditions of reindeer herding. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, you’ll learn about the annual cycle of reindeer husbandry and have the opportunity to feed these gentle creatures. It’s a chance to connect with the local culture and understand the significance of reindeer in Lapland’s history and economy.

As you sit by the campfire, sipping on hot coffee and sharing stories with the herder, you’ll feel a sense of timelessness and connection to the land. This experience is suitable for all ages and requires no physical exertion, making it a perfect family activity. Don’t forget to capture the moment with photographs that will serve as precious memories of your time spent with Lapland’s iconic animals.

Chase the Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are one of nature’s most spectacular displays, and here in Lapland, we’re fortunate to witness them frequently. Our location, far from the light pollution of cities, offers an unparalleled viewing experience. Upon your arrival, we’ll teach you how to predict the Northern Lights, choosing the best evening for clear skies and optimal auroral activity.

Imagine gathering around a bonfire, the air crisp and cold, as you prepare Finnish pancakes and learn about the wonders of the night sky. The Milky Way stretches across the heavens, a sight many have never seen before. And then, with a little luck, the Northern Lights will begin their dance, a mesmerizing display of color and movement that you can enjoy from the comfort of our secluded spot. For photography enthusiasts, we’ll share tips on capturing the perfect shot of this natural phenomenon, ensuring you take home more than just memories.

Private Husky Safari: Glide Through the Snow

There’s something undeniably magical about being pulled through the snow by a team of eager huskies. These dogs are born to run, and their enthusiasm is infectious. On our private husky safari, you’ll take the reins of your own sled, learning to guide and control the speed of your husky team. The silence of the wilderness is broken only by the sound of paws on snow and the occasional command to your loyal companions.

This intimate experience allows you to connect with the dogs and the landscape in a way that larger group tours simply can’t match. You’ll have the opportunity to switch roles with your partner, ensuring everyone gets a chance to drive and enjoy the ride. After the safari, warm up by the fire, enjoy a delicious lunch, and spend time with the huskies, creating a bond that will last long after your safari ends. Our private tours ensure a personalized and unforgettable adventure through the Lappish wilderness.

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